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Master home to teach you how to choose wok(Hits:) 
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Wok occupied in the kitchen appliances in the position is very important. In the face of the market many pan products, we should be how to choose a wok? Today let home Master teach you how to choose wok.

Tips to buy wok

A "look", the pot surface is smooth, but not smooth as a mirror, because the casting process caused by Pan have irregular shallow wrinkles. In general, wok are some rough, this is inevitable, with a long time will become smooth. A small bulge is generally iron, has little effect on the quality of the pot, but the harm of small pits on the quality of the pot is larger, the need for the purchase of note.

Two "listen", the uneven thickness of the pot is not good, the purchase can be overturned bottom of the pot, the pot center concave counter with a finger tapping with a hard object. The sound of the pot, the larger the feeling of vibration, the better. In addition, there is a cat on the rust is not necessarily the quality is not good, there is rust pot that stored for a long time, and the storage time of the pot as long as possible, so that the internal organization of pot can be more stable, beginning with a crack. It is worth mentioning that the iron pan ear is best to use wood or other insulating material package, if it is easy to hot wok ear.

What material is good with the wok

A study shows that with the wok cooking vegetables can reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables. The researchers made experiments on 7 kinds of fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, tomato, green vegetables, cabbage and so on. Results: the use of the wok cooked dishes, preservation of vitamin C was significantly higher than that of the use of stainless steel pot and pan. Researchers believe that the human body from increased vitamin C intake and health considerations, should be the first choice of wok cooking vegetables. Aluminum cooking although it can retain more vitamin C, but Al dissolution of health.

In addition, dish fry put can save more vitamin C than immature salt when the salt, vegetables can reduce water leakage, ensure its taste fresh. Often with wok cooking, for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia is good.

A pot of 5, is the thickness of 3 mm or more, preferably 4 mm which is best because smokeless temperature requires a stable transmission media and this one in favor of the thickness of heat storage pot is not easy to cold and hot hand is also conducive to maintaining the overall stability of the temperature.

Two, is the requirement of the heat capacity stronger wok faster, metal from fast to slow ranking silver copper iron stainless steel silver, copper is also expensive, too expensive to do pot it will be wasted, and toxic aluminum copper and patina, just just heat conduction speed the price is right, will not rust iron and heat it is an ideal stainless steel heat conduction ability is not strong and it is very beautiful although aluminum as the heat conduction medium is most appropriate, so now the smokeless are basically using aluminum as the basic material, but to prevent the damage of aluminum on the human body, it will require good isolation aluminum wrapped up, it will be hard after oxidation is a process will be closed at the same time, the aluminum, surface hardness and strength to strengthen, after the processing of the original white aluminum side became black, so smokeless all you see is black Color, there is the three layer of steel pot (also called composite diamond, remember that this is not a stainless steel pot with double bottoms and is only in Chinese cooking) will be used on the hard aluminum stainless steel composite! Said the first is the requirement of pot heat capacity faster stronger.
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